Customs and Traditions in Great Britain

Some English customs and traditions are famous all over the world. Bowler hats, tea and talking about the weather, for example. From Scotland to Cornwall, the United Kingdom is full of customs andtraditions. Here are some of them.

St. Valentine's is the saintof people in love, and St. Valentine's day is February, 14. On that day, people send valentine cardsand presents to their husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. You can also send a card to a person you don't know. But traditionally you must never write your name on it. Some British newspapers have apage for Valentine's Day messages Customs and Traditions in Great Britain on February 14th

April, 1 is April Fool's Dayin Great Britain. This is a very old tradition from the Middle Ages.At that time servantswere mastersfor one day of the year. Now April Fool's Day is different. It's aday for jokes and tricks.

May, 1was an important day in the Middle Ages. In the very early morning young girls went to fields and washed their faces with dew.They believed this made them very beautiful for a year after that. Also on May Day young men of each village tried to win prizeswith their bows Customs and Traditions in Great Britain and arrows, and people danced round the Maypole.

November, 5 is Guy Fawkes's Day. All over the country people buildwood fires, or «bonfires»,in their gardens. On top of each bonfire is a guy, this is a figure of Guy Fawkes. On November, 5, 1665, Guy Fawkes tried to kill King James I. He and a group of his friends put a bomb underthe Houses of Parliament in London. But the king's men found the bomb and Guy Fawkes. They took him to the Tower of London, where his headwas cut off.Before November 5, children use guys to make money. They stand in Customs and Traditions in Great Britain the street and shout: «Penny for the guy».

- to be famous all over the world – быть известным во всем мире

a bowler hat - котелок

to be full of customs and traditions – быть полным обычаев и традиций

- a saint - святой

to send valentine cards to smbd. – посылать валентинки кому-либо

a Valentine's Day messagе – послание Дня святого Валентина

- April Fool's Day – День смеха

the Middle Ages – средние века

a servant – слуга

a master – хозяин

a trick – проделка, проказа

- to wash one's face with dew – умывать лицо росой

to win a prizе – выиграть приз

to dance round the Maypole – танцевать вокруг майского шеста

- to build a bonfire – устроить костер

to put Customs and Traditions in Great Britain a bomb under smth. – заложить бомбу под что-либо

to cut somebody's head off – отрубить голову кому-либо

to use a guy to make money – использовать чучело, чтобы заработать денег

Task 22. Answer the questions to the text:

1. What proves that the United Kingdom is a country of traditions?

2. How is St. Valentine's Day marked?

3. What is April Fool's Day?

4. What are the old traditions of May Day?

5. Why is the guy put on top of the bonfire on November, 5? .

Task 23.Translate into English:

1. Coeдиненнoe Kopoлевствo полно oбычаев и тpaдиций, известных во всем мире.

2. День святого Валентина, святого возлюбленных, отмечается 14 февраля.

3. 1 aпpeля Customs and Traditions in Great Britain - день смexa, день шуток и проделок

4. 1 Maя - пpaздник прихода (coming) весны.

5. 5 ноября люди сооружают большие костры и сжигают (burn) чучело Гая Фокса.

6. Гай Фокс жил в 17 веке и пытался подложить бомбу под парламент.

7. Заговор (plot) был раскрыт, Гая Фокса посадили в Тауэр и отрубили ему голову.

Task 24. Read and translate the text “The Ceremony of the Keys”

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